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3D Medical Animation and Medical Illustrations

for Trial Attorneys by Cal Shipley, M.D.

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Custom 3D Medical Animation

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Custom 3D medical animation from Trial Image can permit a jury to understand in concrete terms what might otherwise remain an abstract concept. Whether portraying a medical procedure or forensic mechanism of injury, there are virtually no limitations to what can be visualized using this technique. Dr. Shipley's work has been used in med-mal, criminal and personal injury cases. Utilizing sophisticated state-of-the-art software, Dr. Shipley creates moving images that will remain imbedded in the mind of the viewer long after they are seen. As with custom illustrations, Dr. Shipley will work closely with you and your experts until the product meets your exacting needs. Final product will be rendered to CD-ROM, or DVD. Cost includes records review, consultations with experts and attorneys, and all revisions necessary prior to trial or mediation.

Fee: $1500.00/minute of animation

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