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3D Medical Animation and Medical Illustrations

for Trial Attorneys by Cal Shipley, M.D.

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Custom Medical Illustrations by Cal Shipley, M.D.

As a direct outgrowth of his work in 3D animation, Dr. Shipley has pioneered a whole new approach to the production of medical illustrations. He starts by building custom 3D models in computer-space, then imports the models into the drawing board, arranging and lighting them to complete the image. Finally, text and any necessary graphical symbols are added to finish the composition. This technique permits a degree of depth, clarity and realism which is difficult to obtain through conventional illustrative techniques.


As with animated projects, Dr. Shipley will work closely with you and your medical experts to produce images that are accurate as well as visually stunning.


Full-color 3D illustrations are mounted on stiff lightweight gator board for durability and ease of display, and shipped in crush-proof containers. To expedite revisions, draft versions are transmitted via the internet for client and expert witness review. There is no additional charge for revisions prior to production of full-sized images.







electronic format only (PDF - may be printed up to any size)- $500.00



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